I Heart Daniel Harrop

Republican mayoral candidate Daniel Harrop has just donated $1,000 to the campaign of Jorge Elorza! (WPRI Eyewitness News) I try to use exclamation points judiciously, but this definitely gets one. What a great way to start the week.

Over the past several years in the course of my advocacy for marijuana reform I have gotten to know Dr. Harrop. He has shown up regularly for testimony at the state house, press conferences, and informational panels where he is always a forceful and persuasive speaker. He turns out to be great company. So, thank you Dr. Harrop.

Your can help too. Head over to Elorza for Mayor headquarters at 190 Broad Street and volunteer your time, get a sign, or make a donation.

(The Providence Journal has officially endorsed Elorza for Mayor . . . no surprise there. Also, former US Attorneys Whitehouse, Almond, and Corrente put into words their concerns in yesterday’s ProJo — “Cianci’s crimes against Providence are no joke.”)

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  1. I am still completely stunned that people want Buddy back in office. Every time I see one of those giant signs, I’m just perplexed. Really? REALLY?!?!

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