Relive The Glory Of Spinal Tap At The Parlour

(11.1) Get your bum cakes down to the Parlour Saturday for their 2nd birthday bash and the music of Spinal Tap courtesy of the ‘Mericans who have been practicing like crazy. Eardrums will bleed and that fake Marshall stack will make it look even louder.

Openers include Teazer (hair metal tribute who will be spending the day at Comic-Con “. . . doin’ some promotin’ and passin’ out flyers to girls wearing body armor or dressed as Jessica Rabbit or what have you.”), Lame Genie (Nintendo-core), and RedDawn (of Me Jane) will mc and dj and close things down with a dance party. Facebook event.

Artwork by Swampyankeedesign.

(Somebody please bring Shatner.)

Saturday, November 1st, the Parlour, 1119 North Main Street, (directions)

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