Weekend In Music

Friday@the Columbus Theatre, the Viennagram, Ravi Shavi, Sugar Honey Iced Tea @Dusk, Wolvhammer, Mortals, Sin of Angels, Sire, Extinction Machine, Bog of the Infidel, King Diamond, more @Fatt Squirrel, Rebel Son Rise, Viking Jesus, Poppasquash, Sweet Release @AS220, Gun Boy, Erik Ruin and Dan Schleifer, Secret Lover

Saturday@the Parlour, the ‘Mericans do Spinal Tap, Teazer, Lame Genie @AS220, Hungry Freaks, All of Us, Eric Hofbauer Duo @the Met, Twiddle, Mun

Sunday@the Met, Pentagram, Radio Moscow, Bang, Kings Destroy @Fête Ballroom, Tribal Seeds, Ballyhoo

(Photo of The Viennagram)

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