‘Art Hack Day’ Closing Exhibition And Party

(11.15) This might be like a happening . . . or an interactive new media performance, or . . . we don’t know what this is. Starting Thursday forty artists and hackers have inhabited RISD Exposé Gallery + Eship to explore the idea of MASTER SLAVE and produce new, collaborative projects. Visitors were invited to engage and interact with the works as they are uploaded online throughout the hack, and join the teams on Saturday at 7pm for a closing exhibition, live performances, and party.

Art Hack Day is an internet-based nonprofit dedicated to hackers whose medium is art and artists whose medium is tech. We bridge the gap between art, technology and entrepreneurship with grassroots hackathons that demonstrate the expressive potential of new technology and the power of radical collaboration in art. We believe in non-utilitarian beauty through technology and its ability to affect social change for public good.

Exhibition and live performances open to the public. Go hack your asses off.

7pm to late, Saturday, November 15, RISD Exposé + Eship, 204 Westminster Street, Facebook event page, (directions)

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