Proustfest At Dean Hotel — Author Talk

(11.14) Sorry, late on this. The Dean Hotel, in collaboration with the Providence Athenaeum, presents PROUSTFEST 2014! Professor Mary Bergstein on her new book: In Looking Back One Learns to See: Marcel Proust and Photography. Bergstein has published widely on topics from Italian Renaissance sculpture to contemporary photography.

Marcel Proust offered the twentieth century a new psychology of memory and seeing. His novel In Search of Lost Time was written in the modern age of photography and art history. In Looking Back One Learns to See: Marcel Proust and Photography brings to light Proust’s photographic resources and his visual imagination. Distinguished cultural historian Mary Bergstein, Professor of History of Art and Visual Culture at the Rhode Island School of Design since 1990, presents various kinds of photography and photographic systems with regard to the literature of Marcel Proust, including daguerreotypes, stereoscopic cards, cartes-de-visite, postcards, book illustrations, portraiture, medical photography, spirit photography, architectural photography, and Orientalism. Photographs associated with fin-de-siècle studies of Botticelli, Leonardo, and Vermeer, are considered in terms of Proust’s tastes and the historiography of art.

*5pm to 6pm reception, 6pm to 7:15pm talk and book signing — seating is limited after 60, standing room only*

Free and open to the public, Friday, November 14, Dean Hotel, 122 Fountain Street, (directions)

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