‘The Mathematics Of Crime’ — Public Lecture

(11.20) The Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics (ICERM) presents a lecture by Dr. Andrea Bertozzi titled “The Mathematics of Crime.” Bertozzi will discuss her participation in developing a “predictive policing” program that alerts officials to districts with the highest probability of a crime taking place.

Law enforcement agencies across the country have discovered that partnering with a team of mathematicians and social scientists from UCLA can help them determine where crime is likely to occur. Dr. Bertozzi will talk about the fascinating story behind her participation on the UCLA team that developed a “predictive policing” computer program that zeros-in on areas that have the highest probability of crime. In addition, the use of mathematics in studying gang crimes and other criminal activities will also be discussed. Commercial use of the “predictive-policing” program allows communities to put police officers in the right place at the right time, stopping crime before it happens.

Andrea Bertozzi is an applied mathematician with expertise in nonlinear partial differential equations and fluid dynamics. She also works in the areas of geometric methods for image processing, crime modeling and analysis, and swarming/cooperative dynamics. Dr. Bertozzi completed all her degrees in Mathematics at Princeton.

The event is free and open to the public but registration is required. Light reception at 5:30pm.

Lecture 6pm to 7pm, Thursday, November 20, ICERM Building, 11th floor lecture hall, 121 South Main Street, (directions)

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