New ‘Guide To Providence Vintage’

Providence is becoming a vintage mecca and they are getting organized. The new comprehensive ‘Guide to Providence Vintage’ will help you, your out-of-town guests, and returning college students, make sense of the burgeoning scene.

There are 16 participating shops concentrated in three neighborhoods, including: downtown (Carmen & Ginger in the Arcade); the West End (Broadway, West Fountain, Westminster); and the East Side on Wickenden Street (check out the new location of Nava), and up on Thayer Street — What Cheer Records and Vintage.

Some names new to me: Pillbox Holiday, Mint, and Suite TartThe Vault Collective downtown is a pop-up which runs through February 28th, with one vendor featuring the less commonly seen men’s apparel. (Is that because men never throw anything out, or do they just beat their clothes to hell?)

Pick up a hard copy version of the ‘Guide to Providence Vintage’ at all participating shops and everywhere else.

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