Godless? So Am I

I will not use the editorial “we” as I don’t want to force my fellow Dosers into annoying conversations with family members over the holidays. And frankly I don’t even know what they think about religion because they never talk about it! Now there’s a blessing.

That used to be how this was handled in this country. Religion was actually a topic to be scrupulously avoided and atheists could go about their merry way being all “respectful” and more importantly, living interesting and useful lives. But that option is no longer available. Once we had a president leading us into war because he thought Gog and Magog were at work in the middle east it became necessary to speak up and loudly.

Tony Houston of the Rhode Island Coalition of Reason, the organization running these wonderful bus ads, told the ProJo that the timing of the campaign is intentional,

But he said the ads themselves are non-confrontational. “We’re just announcing our presence and letting people know who don’t believe in God that they have a community to go to.”

Well, with Texas recently deciding that its textbooks should mention the influence of Moses on the writing of the Constitution . . . I say it’s time to be a little confrontational. (Still . . . don’t be a dick on Christmas.)

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