‘Don’t Play With Me’ Opens At MWM

Today at Machines With Magnets — Don’t Play With Me.

Don’t Play With Me: A show about objects for children that aren’t for children

What will you see?
– Dolls of all types that aren’t for playing…
– Paintings, screen prints, dioramas, drawings…
– and Giant balls of yarn!

Artists include:Ricky Katowicz, Tiphany Giles, Cimmerii, Jenny Harada from Pomly, Becky Gould from Scrumptious Delight, Wendi Wing, Jill Penney, Emmanuel Tavares, Yann Weiner, Misako Mimoko, Mimi Kirchner, Jen Corace, J. Shea 9, and Jordan Perme.

Opening party includes: Church of Tchotchke: a small craft fair featuring objects and prints for sale, and live performances by Big Nazo, Blevin Blectum, Wind & Ghosts, and Yann Weiner.

Starts 4pm, Sunday, December 7, Machines With Magnets, 400 Main Street, Pawtucket, Facebook event page

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