‘Skies Over Milton’ Starts Saturday At Granoff

Theater artists Katie Pearl and Lisa D’Amour invite the public to take a break from hectic holiday planning and shopping to contemplate pieces of the sky — a constellation of skies that stretch across the country joining 5 towns called Milton.

PearlDamour creates theater for unusual spaces; past performance sites include an empty office building and a bridge over the Mississippi River. They were most recently in Providence for HOW TO BUILD A FOREST, a performance piece about climate change and Hurricane Katrina.

‘Skies Over Milton’ consists of 5 squares of sky projected onto 5 floating screens. Pearl and D’Amour spent two years traveling to five towns named Milton across the United States — in Wisconsin, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Louisana, and Oregon, interviewing local residents about where they live and how they define their role in the world, asking the essential question, “How does it feel to be an American?”

Conversation with PearlDamour — 4pm, Monday, December 15.

Free and open to the public, 4pm to 9pm, Saturday through Wednesday, December 13-17, Granoff Center, 154 Angell Street, (directions)

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