‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ At Cable Car

Go back in time to a mystical, magical land of angels and bank examiners. When the worst possible fate it was possible to imagine for a woman was to become an unmarried librarian.

George Bailey (James Stewart) has the picture perfect life: a loving wife, Mary (Donna Reed), four young children, and his own business, which he inherited from his father. However, on Christmas Eve, George encounters severe business difficulties at the Bailey Building and Loan. George’s Uncle Billy (Thomas Mitchell) loses the cash they owe the bank, which is owned by the Scrooge-esque Mr. Potter (Lionel Barrymore).

Here’s your chance to see ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ on the big(ish) screen. Starts Friday at noon and runs through Christmas eve.

Running time 130 minutes.

Starts Friday, December 19, Cable Car Cinema, 204 South Main Street


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