Raimondo Getting National Attention

Rhody democrats are a different breed. Our de facto one-party system has an embedded “right wing” and national political analysts often don’t quite grasp the situation. Conservative ideas and initiatives often find significant support here (see: Voter ID). It’s just that we just look so damn blue from a distance.

And so we have Frank Bruni — “Gina Raimondo’s Approach to Income Inequality” NYT 12.30.14 — characterizing Raimondo as a new sort of business-oriented Democrat, one that wants to work with Wall Street. But conservative democrats are a familiar type in these parts. (Bruni may not know that Democratic Rep. Nicholas Mattiello’s first public speaking engagement as Speaker of the House was before the RI Chamber of Commerce.)

Raimondo does express worthy progressive goals in the piece — Wall Streeters should be paying higher federal taxes; more equitable distribution of wealth  — but others are not buying into her approach.

David Segal of Demand Progress had this to say,

You create a banking sector that serves the public good by fighting the corrupt Wall Street titans who sacked our economy and created misery for untold millions across the globe. Not by asking politely.



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