They Said Rhode Island On SNL!

We’re ‘Number One’ and it has not gone unnoticed. Last night’s ‘Weekend Update’ poked a little fun at the recently released survey on marijuana usage. Might as well embrace this whole thing because it seems to indicate that everyone in Rhode Island who wants to smoke pot is smoking pot. Isn’t it time we ensured that what they are smoking is safe and kept out of the hands of children? Plus, we’re leaving money on the table and we’re broke.

Our general assembly will be revisiting regulation in the new session. Meanwhile, Governor Gina Raimondo told Bill Rappleye of TurnTo10 that the end of marijuana prohibition is inevitable and that regulating marijuana is “absolutely something that we should evaluate.”

For more information (and the Raimondo interview) check out Regulate Rhode Island — a coalition of citizens and organizations working to end marijuana prohibition by regulating and taxing marijuana like alcohol. And let your representatives in the general assembly know that this is the year!

And here’s the end of the joke.



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