Renovated Kennedy Plaza — Good Job People

This totally works. The newly renovated and redesigned Kennedy Plaza looks like a winner. Some bus stops have been relocated to the other side of Burnside Park and Exchange Street, and car traffic on Fulton Street is now two-way. The central plaza area creates a very agreeable axis from the Federal Courthouse to City Hall, and the previously forlorn Hiker statue is now the star of the show. (The low winter sun and tall buildings made this a difficult location to photograph.) The signage is great and riders can finally stay dry in the new shelters. The ProJo wrote up yesterday’s dedication ceremony.

In addition to the new layout, the changes range from new glass bus shelters and bicycle stands to new signs and a network of surveillance cameras to help the police keep an eye on the plaza. The facility has new trees and efforts have been made to support special lighting and electricity supply for concerts and other events.

The trees are identified as Accolade elms, a hybrid out of Illinois. Check it out.

A fast grower than can reach 60 feet high and 50 feet wide, upright but more oval than vase-shaped. Vigorous, robust, tough. Large leaves. Extremely tolerant of drought and cold. Resistant to Dutch elm disease but moderately susceptible to insect problems, notably elm leaf beetle, Japanese beetle and gypsy moth. Use along streets and in large yards.

That sounds very promising. A colonnade of mature trees would be an ideal spot for Mayor Elorza’s wish list — chess and domino tables.

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