Mayor Kicks Off PCL Amnesty Week

The Providence Community Library (PCL) is missing more than 9,000 overdue items from its shelves and really wants them back. That’s the message of Bring ‘Em Back! Week, an amnesty event that will run at all PCL locations during the February school vacation. Those 9,000 missing items translate into a staggering $146,000 worth of fines.

Mayor Elorza will launch Bring ‘Em Back! Week, a book amnesty event and fundraiser for the RI Community Food Bank that runs at all Providence Community Library locations during the February school vacation. The Knight Memorial event begins at 3:00pm and Major Elorza plans to arrive at about 4:15p.m. He will read a bilingual story to a group of children.

Here’s the deal: During Bring “Em Back Week, PCL will accept food in lieu of fines. Patrons will return overdue items, with one can of food for every $20 of fines owed, to any PCL location between February 17 and 21 and their fines will be waived. (Unfortunately, PCL cannot waive fines on items that have been referred already to an outside collection agency.)

Prior to the Mayor’s arrival, children will be entertained by a ‘Mad Science: Fire and Ice’ show from 3pm to 4pm. Also, food, drink and other fun activities.

Event starts 3pm, Tuesday, February 17, Knight Memorial Library, 275 Elmwood Avenue

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  1. Contrary to what many people think, massive fines on library cards are generally replacement fees for the cost of the item, not overdue fines. “Those 9,000 missing items translate into a staggering $146,000 worth of fines.” That $146,000 is replacement costs, not fines. In the Ocean State Libraries system, book fines top out at $5 and DVDs at $10. If you’re seeing a charge of $24.99, that’s a replacement fee. If you return that item, that fee goes away, and all you’re left with is the fine of $5.
    So don’t panic if you think you owe the library $100–they want their stuff back much more than they want your money!

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