Week In Music

Monday@Dusk, Hollow Earth, Divider, Good Lord @Machines With Magnets, Lucy Lewis, Wilted Woman, Nick Klein, Tinnitustimulus, Automatic Lover

Tuesday@the Met, Chadwick Stokes, Big Thief @Psychic Readings, Traveling Sal,Barrens, Funeral Cone, Rats Rest

Wednesday@Psychic Readings, Ian O’Neil, the Ryan Brothers, the Novel Ideas, Vio/Miré @Dusk, Black Oil Incinerator, Snow Plows, Me Jane @the Vets, Philip Glass, Tim Fain @the Spot, the Broadcast, Brother Moon @AS220, Radio Carbon, Throne of Saturn, Cross Armed Calculator, Intercourse

Thursday@the Met, Twin Foxes, Death Vessel, Forest Fires @the Columbus Theatre upstairs, Timber Timbre, Last Ex @Firehouse 13, Philm, Sin of Angels

(Photo of Me Jane)

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