Blazejewski Reception At Circe

(3.4) Hands down the best looking guy in the general assembly — there, I said it.  But here’s the kicker, he’s also smart and honest and compassionate, and did I mention smart? So even if you aren’t lucky enough to live in District 2 you should want him at the state house.

I don’t want to run for office, so I try to support the good people who do. That’s how I live with myself. So head down to Circe tomorrow and meet Mr. Blazejewski and show your support. (Suggested donation is $100, students $25 or pay what you can.)

Plus, as fundraisers go, this one may actually be pretty fun — god knows there’s some pent up party energy out there. Here’s the host committee. You must like at least a few of these people.

William Alvarez & Lana Halabi, Juliana Amin, Andy Andujar, Patrick Barry, Dan Bass, Mike Beauregard, Samuel Bell, John Berard, Phoebe Blake & Peter McClure, Jon Boucher, Ed Bozzi, Jennifer Bramley, LeeAnn Byrne, Victor Capellan, Therese Caron, Andrew Caruolo, Nick Ciaccio, Rachel Colaiace, Beth Comery, Jack & Mary Connor, Arianne Corrente, Gonzalo Cuervo, Andy Cutler, Julian Dash, Hon. Anthony & Sylvia De Luca, Robin Dionne, Travis Escobar, Carl & Grace Farmer, Malcolm Farmer, Will Farrell, Charles Feldman, Hon. Frank Ferri, Hon. Chris Fierro, Bill Fischer, Betsy Florin, Jillian Folger-Hartwell, Amy Gabarra, Reshma Gada, Brian Gallogly & Joanne Brasil Gallogly, Stephen Graham, Eric Hall, Andrew Hickey, Meghan Holloway, Amy Horan, Brian Hull, Chris Hunter, Stephen Iannazzi, Jenna Karlin, Michael Kraemer, Libby Kimzey, Emily Koo, Jenna Lafayette, Sally Lapides,Tobias Lederberg, Kyle Lynch, Hon. Seth Magaziner, Greg Mancini, Chris Marsella, Emily Martineau, Ashley Mercado, Dan Meyer, Zack Mezera, Rachel Miller, Jared Moffat, Margaux Morisseau, Christina Morra, Claire Newell, Lauren Nocera, Craig O’Connor, Annie Pease, Jason Preciphs, David & Mimo Riley, Clay Rockefeller, Hillary Salmons, Daisy Schnepel, Hon. David Segal, Derek Silva, C. Kelly Smith, Denice Spero, Elizabeth Suever, Glen Whitfield, Deshika Wickramasinghe, Angela Yingling, Kate Sabatini & Mike Zabelin

Blazejewski fundraiser, Wednesday, March 4, 6pm to 8pm, Circe Restaurant & Bar, 50 Weybosset Street, (directions)

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