Play Chess At 186 Carpenter

(3.10) Go outside and play! You may not have noticed, but your meteorological ankle bracelets have fallen away in the 45° sunshine. You are once again free to leave the house. Plus, the sun doesn’t set tonight until 6:46pm. Don’t wait for the weekend — get out and do something.

It seems crazy looking back at it now, but writer, photographer, and Brooklyn habitué, Jaime Lowe, decided to kick off a chess club at 186 Carpenter Street in February . . . then came the snow. So the club has gotten off to a somewhat slow start — let’s fix that.

Beginners are welcome — bring a friend. Then head over to the E&O, North, Avery, anywhere, and drop a little money while rehashing the games. (Small business got clobbered this winter — show your support.)

Free, 7pm to 9pm, Tuesday, March 10, Chess Club, 186 Carpenter Street, (directions)

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