‘Botanica Ceramica’ At RWP

First my rant: At the front entrance to the lovely Botanical Center, affixed to the outside wall next to the door, is a speaker blaring some goddawful AM oldies station! This stuff is bad enough when one is pumping gas, but in a public park where people go to find a little peace and quiet it is totally unacceptable. Inside I was informed that it was left on for the workmen, or the workers. First, nobody was working anywhere nearby . . . and second, that doesn’t matter anyway. Let’s all listen to the birds singing, how about that. Mayor Elorza has just named Wendy Nilsson as his new Superintendent of Parks and I’m giving her one week to find a ladder and rip this speaker off the front of the greenhouse. (You can’t miss it Ms. Nilsson, just follow the Captain and Tenille.)

Back to business. In conjunction with Lively Experiments, the 49th Annual NCECA Conference, to be held in Providence from March 25-28, the botanical center has been hosting ‘Botanic Ceramica.’ Some of the installations are more organically inspired than others and were the most interesting to me. Seen here in the foreground is ‘LURE (Kernel)’ by Leigh Taylor Mickelson.

Roger Williams Park Botanical Center, 1000 Elmwood Avenue, 401.785.9450

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