No More Plastic Bags

Once again the general assembly will consider a bill to phase out the use of plastic bags. If passed, the bill would require large-scale retailers to stop using plastic checkout bags by January 1, 2016; smaller retailers would have an additional year to comply with the new law. From RIPR,

The bill’s sponsor, democratic representative Gregg Amore said, Rhode Island has a real interest in curbing the pollution associated with plastic bags. “I think people realize that we need to preserve our greatest asset, which is the Narragansett Bay, and our coastline.  And I think they know that eventually these bags get into the food chain, and they threaten the biggest economic driver we have.”

In related plastic bag news, the odious ex-con and former house majority leader Gerard Martineau seeks to have his legislative pension reinstated (ProJo 3.5.15). Back in 2007 Martineau pleaded guilty . . .

to a $911,400 corruption scheme in which his company, the Upland Group, got paid for providing paper and plastic bags to pharmacy giant CVS and Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island, including 8 million Blue Cross bags that didn’t exist.

(March 30 update from Katherine Gregg.)

Hooray for non-existent plastic bags. Hooray for Rep. Gregg Amore. NO to Martineau.

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