Record Store Day

(4.18) Okay let’s start with What Cheer Records and Vintage located at the corner of Thayer and Angell, opening an hour early this Saturday from 10am to 8pm.

the live music will be happening in the mid-late afternoon going into the evening and there’s no cover – free admission, but we’ll pass the hat for the bands . . .

and if you don’t buy their records, well . . .

and this event is sponsored by Narragansett Beer so if you come thirsty and are 21+ we’ll set you up with ice cold tallboys while you shop!

Live performances start at 1:45pm with Emma Rome (yay!) and continue with Sleepyhead, the Red Pennys, and Bob Kendall. New this year — check out this inter-Thayer synergistic promo thingy with Flatbread.

Thayer Street neighbor Flatbread Company Providence has signed on to offer a special promotion for those of you who shop at our Record Store Day celebration – bring your receipt on 4.18.15, from Saturday 18th April 2015’s RSD event at What Cheer Records to Flatbread and save 20% on food and they’ll also spin your vinyl purchases on their house turntable if you’d like. how’s that for being neighborly?

How cool is it that they have a turntable. Also the food is great.

For more info on this year’s Record Store Day offerings go to the Record Store Day website. (One charming entry this year will be a 78rpm 10″ fascimile of Elvis doing ‘My Happiness’ courtesy of Jack White’s Third Man Records.) But remember, individual stores don’t necessarily know exactly which releases they will be getting.

Elsewhere in Providence!!! Don’t forget to visit Olympic Records at 580 Wickenden Street and Round Again Records at 278 Wickenden Street. Also, check out the Armageddon Shop at 436 Broadway for your deep-underground noise, metal, garage, and hip hop needs (but the other stuff too).



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