Opposition To Stadium Growing

And these bumper stickers are now available. A Facebook page calling itself “No new stadium for Providence” has this succinct overview of the situation.

If the new owners of the Pawtucket Red Sox need a new stadium, paid for through subsidies, tax breaks and funding from the state, they should leave RI. . .

How likely is it that Rhode Island will come out ahead by entering into a thirty-year business deal with Jim Skeffington and Terry Murray?

The site has links to useful articles and a page telling you where to pick up your free bumper stickers. Locations include: Frog & Toad, Books on the Square, North Bakery, Broadway mart, Wes’s Rib House, Nick-A-Nee’s, the Coffee Exchange, Cable Car, East Side Mini-Mart, Wildflour, and more.

Also check out the online petition at Credo Mobilize for Governor Raimondo — “No Corporate Welfare for Skeffington and the PawSox.” I don’t know who wrote this petition (the campaign was created by Andrew Stewart) but the seven points made under “Why this is important” are perfect.

And never underestimate the power of a phone call to the Governor’s Office (401.222.2080) or better still, a letter sent snail mail.

The petition page mentions that both Mayor Jorge Elorza (401.421.2489) and State Rep. Doreen Costa have expressed concerns about the project and gives addresses for writing to them as well.

2 thoughts on “Opposition To Stadium Growing”

  1. I did the math on the owners proposal. He says the $75 million stadium would only cost tax payers $2 – $4 million a year to operate. A $75,000,000 million dollar 30 year mortgage will cost the owners about $316,000 a month or $3,800,000 a year.
    So If the owners are getting $4 million a year from taxpayers it will effectively cost them nothing from a mortgage perspective.

  2. That petition is an embarrassment. It’s not even worth a point-by-point rebuttal. There are many reasons why the ballpark proposal is a bad deal, but none of those reasons are anywhere near the strike zone.

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