Senior Textile Show At Woods-Gerry

The senior shows don’t stay up long so get over there — this one runs through Tuesday — and it’s one of the best I’ve ever seen. This well-rounded mix of wall art, tapestry, sculptures — an over-stuffed chair features tufts of raccoon fur — and of course apparel, is never boring and frequently funny. Look for off-the-wall digital prints, silk screen, embroidery, and drawing. Cultural influences include African, Asian, and “Flamboyant.”

Senior Jessy Lu was on the desk this afternoon and was kind enough to show me her work. Only up close does one see that her gleaming gold wall piece is fabricated from Werther’s Originals wrappers; it shimmers like a Byzantine icon. Lu also created the mesmerizing multi-media piece seen here, a commentary on modern consumerism. These animated colors slowly scroll through the hand-woven vinyl scrim. Lu moves to the west coast after graduation.

The three digital print, dyed fabric gowns below (with wall hanging) are collectively ‘Keep It Tuna’ by Yun Ju Jung. Take time to peer carefully through the layers of fabric. Absolutely exquisite.

Through Tuesday, May 5, RISD Senior Textile Show, Woods-Gerry Gallery, 62 Prospect Street

keep it tuna






(Below: Shirla Auguste. Stoll knit felted top, machine knit felted skirt.)

RISD Senior Textiles

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