Partial WaterFire

(5.16) A partial WaterFire lighting takes place tonight courtesy of the ocean racers cruising through the state.

Andrew Lindsay and Liz Knights from Cirque de Light will be performing during the WaterFire lighting ceremony and then several more times during the night on the piers in the Waterplace Park Basin.

Also check out the Mobile Museum of America Artifacts, a touring museum of personal objects and their histories, at Waterplace Park near Francis Street. They have been touring Rhode Island all week and will be closing out their stay in the Ocean State at WaterFire from 6:30pm to 11:30 pm.

Partial lightings usually include all of the braziers from Providence Place Mall to Steeple Street.

(Photo of Cirque de Light by John Nickerson)

Lighting 8:19 to 11:30pm, Saturday, May 16, Waterplace Park

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