Weekend In Music

Friday@Providence Public Library, Beta Motel @AS220, Bryan Thomas Fielding, Dominique Star, Milk, Whiskey Bitches @the Met, Shore City, Grand Evolution @the Spot, Sirsy, VulGarrity, Young Pandas @Firehouse 13, the Independents, the Brunt of It, Black Cat Attack, Honest John

Saturday@Firehouse 13, the Quahogs, Atlantic Thrills, Tigerman Whoa, Penn Name @the Met, Viking Jesus, Michael Graham and the Lewd Waiters, Public Alley, Decent Souls @Columbus Theatre, Death Vessel, Blood Warrior, Vio/Miré @the Spot, Pixels, the Planes, Eric and the Nothing, the Meaning of Life, Les Racquet, Full Tang, Alec Huston Trio

Sunday@AS220, Guerilla Toss, Buck Gooter, Patriots, Finished @Firehouse 13, Single Bullet Theory, Western Massacre, Chronovore, Seeing Red

Monday@Fête, Face to Face, Burning Streets, the Down and Outs, Silver Screams

(Photo of VulGarrity)

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