They Grow Up So Fast

Of course they eat pretty damn fast. And there seem to be several feedings a day lately. One parent sails into the box, bird carcass in beak, and it’s chow time. This is not for the faint of heart — lots of ripping and gulping — it’s over in about five minutes. Here, an adult takes off following one such scene.

But which parent is which? Urban wildlife photographer Peter Green helped with that question by email, “Mom is 1/3 larger than dad.” He included the screen grab below, taken weeks ago. But they no longer pose together like this all that often. It’s just getting crowded in there.

Peter also shared the latest dish from The Young and the Nestless — “Last year we had a new female… this year it appears a male born here in 2010 has returned and displaced his own father!” Paging Doctor Freud.

Go here for the ASRI peregrine webcam.


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