Sports Economist Victor Matheson BVVC Presentation — Must See

The general feeling among the people who heard Holy Cross sports economist Victor Matheson speak earlier this month at the Blackstone Valley Visitors Center is, “Why are we even still talking about this?!” He was quite convincing. Happily, Steve Ahlquist over at RI Future has posted all the slides from Matheson’s BVVC presentation, as well as a video of the entire lecture. (RI Future 5.20.15)

The video is only about one hour long and the quality is excellent. At least check out the slides. Dr. Matheson is an entertaining speaker and knows his stuff. AND he has no dog in this fight, unlike Mr. Zimbalist who seems to have carved out a little niche for himself traveling the land providing cover for stadium-minded pols and owners. (See Mr. Ahlquist’s piece also at RI Future.)

There is no good version of this proposal. Our state leaders should not be negotiating a “better deal” for the people of Rhode Island. It doesn’t exist. Other states have figured this out — let’s not be the last to fall for this.

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Thank you Steve Ahlquist.

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