‘Movies On The Block’ Starts New Season

(6.4) Outdoor movie series Movies on the Block kicks off a new season this Thursday with the 1988 animated/live action feature “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” Janet Maslin wrote in the NYT,

The film’s only problem, and it’s a minor one, is that the gumshoe plot of the screenplay by Jeffrey Price and Peter S. Seaman is relatively ordinary. Nothing else about the film can be described that way: not the startling visual tricks, not the Toon-related wit and not the remarkable Mr. Hoskins, who spends the entire film essentially talking to himself and still manages to give a performance that is foolproof. His Eddie is a gruff, lovable lug who nurses a terrible secret: a Toon killed his brother. ”Just like a Toon to drop a safe on a guy’s head,” says another character sympathetically.

Rated PG, running time 104 minutes. Weather looks clear — wear a jacket. (Facebook) And kudos to MotB for this summer’s line-up. (Seen here is June.) Well done.

Free, dusk, 7:30pm, Thursday, June 4, Grant’s Block, Westminster Street at Union, (directions)

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