Chafee Announces For President With ‘Robust Peace Agenda’

Former Governor Lincoln Chafee announced his candidacy for president yesterday at George Mason University. Locals who have been scratching their heads at this odd development should check out his appearance last night on “All In with Chris Hayes” — Lincoln Chafee: 4th Democrat for President.(Chafee must have been Senator for R.I. while Hayes attended Brown . . . pretty sure.)

Chafee has some very welcome thoughts on American foreign policy — Hayes called it a “robust peace agenda” — that could force a real discussion of our future place in the world during the primary debates. And if Sanders gets his wish for bipartisan debates, it won’t only be Hillary with her feet to the fire. (Wish we could force congress to watch Jon Stewart’s excellent “America in the Middle East: Learning Curves Are for Pussies” which puts Chafee’s vision in its proper context.)

So I’ve stopped scratching my head. I now see what Chafee is up to and I am all for it. And I’m pretty happy he’s here.

Plus, Rachel Maddow later informed us that he is the first ever presidential candidate from Rhode Island. Ever!

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