The Green Mile

Welcome to the Independence Trail of Providence. History buffs hoping to learn more about the Burning of the Gaspee on June 9th, 1772, might check out this point of interest at Planet and South Main Streets, the site of the Sabin Tavern where Rhode Island patriots planned the attack. All you have to do is dial the phone number on the emblem and punch in the location code . . . oh. Okay, it was a rough winter, but some of the location numbers elsewhere on the trail that are legible will get you to a “site under construction” recording — can’t blame that on the snow. (The map of the trail identifies this site as Number 21 but the phone number on that page doesn’t work. The number on other street emblems 401.450.0982 does.)

The narratives are quite lengthy and delivered with stentorian gusto by trail creator and Providence restaurateur Robert Burke. His elaborate diction and corny wordplay can become tiring (he must be torture to sit next to at Thanksgiving) but he’s got a fair amount of exciting and fun history here and you can always hang up. Burke got on the local news last month demonstrating how much fun it is to watch him ride his line-painting machine, but nobody’s in this for the green paint. That was the last thing that needed fixing.

Fortunately a stone marker in the adjacent parking lot has been kicking it old school for a number of years now. No dialing needed.

And in an amazing coincidence, the Independence Trail just happens to go right past Burke’s own restaurant. What are the odds.

Gaspee Marker

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  1. I haven’t had much success dialing the number for the medallions. I’d have to try again, now that I know they work. Walking the Green Mile has been on my list for awhile now. Thanks for sharing.

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