GQ Mag Proclaims Providence ‘Coolest City’

And this isn’t just another travel mag listicle. GQ Magazine has singled us out for particular mention in “News Flash! World’s Tiniest State Pops Out Coolest City!”

The capital of Rhode Island has always punched above its weight in terms of smarts and creativity. But lately Providence has added a few new bullet points to its résumé—like a celebrated food scene and a high-style party hotel—that cement its rep as the coolest city you haven’t been to. Yet.

They highlight the Dean and Faust etc. with further mention of the E&O, North, Nick’s, Swan Point Cemetery, and more. So the author of the piece gets it right, and interestingly, he never mentions our lack of a sports stadium.

This is what I find so galling about these clueless blowhards from the PawSox who continually express how the stadium would help us feel good about ourselves again, would raise our self-esteem. Well here’s a news flash for them — lots of people already feel great about Providence! But these bankers and boardroom retirees have no clue what makes Providence cool. Have they ever seen a band upstairs at the Columbus? At AS220? Or under the radar in a dusty old mill?  Have they ever been to the Iron Pour at the Steel Yard? Scrabbled at Julian’s? Partied with the Pronk bands under the bridge? And what’s better than a hot summer night at the Scurvy Dog or Nick-A-Nee’s, drinking beer and smoking cigarettes, and no mosquitoes because it’s the city. I’m gonna throw in the toy soldier collection at the Hay so this list won’t just be music and booze. Wait, one more, the Cable Car! And Pub Quiz at the Wild Colonial! And the bocce league and the peregrine webcam! I love this town.

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  1. As much as I don’t support the current deal on the table, as someone who lives Downcity and likes all the things about Providence you’re discussing, leaping to the idea that having a well-built stadium wouldn’t be cool.

    Worth it? Not at the prices I’ve seen. But that’s different from going off on a tirade about whether or not it’d be fun or cool. I think outrage is leading to overreach.

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