Week In Music

Monday@Psychic Readings, the Heads are Zeros, Tape Eater, I Eat Rocks, There is Nothing Wrong with Your Television Set @Firehouse 13, Jasmine Cain @Aurora, Hi Watts, Heaters, Moonwalks

Tuesday@AS220, the Really Heavy, Soapbox Opera, Jake Menendez and the Moonstones

Wednesday —  @Columbus Theatre upstairs, Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld, Ryan Sawyer, JPA Falzone @the Met, GBH, Total Chaos, the Down and Outs

Thursday@the Met, Local H, Aeges, Six Star General @Machines With Magnets, Will Guthrie @Firehouse 13, I Guard the Throne, On Your Deathbed, Murdoc, Depraved Within @the Salon, Mis(s)invader, Teazer, Bad Motherf*#ker, Txoka Txoka @Aurora, Ninja vs. Wrestler, Soft Target, Alec K. Redfearn and the Eyesores, Oxomo @Grant’s Block (6:30 before movie), Arc Iris

(Photo of The Heads are Zeros)

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