ProJo Building Sold

And here comes Cornish again. This time are partnering with Nordblom, a Boston real estate development firm. Jef Nickerson at Greater City Providence writes,

Cornish and Nordblom plan to commence immediately with improvements to the building. Their plan includes modernizing and revitalizing this iconic property while offering leases to a broad cross section of tenants ranging from full-floor users to 2-5,000 square foot occupants. With the building’s large windows and tall, bright spaces, it will provide exceptional new offices at very competitive rents in the marketplace.

GCP spoke with Cornish Associates prez, Buff Chace, as well as Nordblom veep, Og Hunnewell. Buff and Og . . . a brand new movie from Pixar!

For a more adult perspective, read Jef’s excellent piece, “Cornish Associates purchases the Providence Journal Building with Boston Partner.”

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