John Oliver Gives A Clinic On Stadiums!

As if more evidence were needed on the negative impact of taxpayer-supported stadiums, here comes John Oliver on Last Week Tonight to lay it all out! His timing could not be more perfect for us here in Rhode Island. This piece would be more hilarious if it didn’t recount the devastating effects of these projects on budgets across the country and if we weren’t currently under the gun. (Notice how similar the pitches are — of course, we can’t share our budget with you — grrr!)

Join the opposition in a celebration of downtown open space on the riverfront on Dyer Street, starting today at 5pm. Come ready to do open space type things: frisbees, picnicking, hacky sacks, soccer balls, whatever! Go here for event page: It’s Yours! And it was never intended for anyone else!

Watch John Oliver here!!!

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