Three Graces Mixing It Up

Splendor, mirth, and good cheer. If you don’t drink yet, now would be a good time to start.

Professional mixologist Willa Van Nostrand (she of the always perfect lipstick) and her lovely cohorts were serving up summery iced drinks at the WaterFire biergarten this evening, I think watermelon was involved. Van Nostrand — artistic director at Machines With Magnets, as well as a performance artist in her own right — owns Little Bitte, an artisanal cocktail business. (Profile last year in Rhode Island Monthly.)

The beer garden seems to be a new regular feature at WaterFire located just upstream of the basin under the willow trees at the foot of the IGT building.

(This has been Part Two of Our Favorite Bartenders series. Collect them all!)

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