Blacksmithing At Lippitt Farmers Market

(8.15) The Steel Yard mobile demo trailer pulled into the Roger Williams National Memorial last Saturday where blacksmiths Alaina Mahoney and Nick Tomlin got to work hammering out bits and bobs. Spectators (some of whom seemed to know their way around an anvil) even took home free samples. The mobile unit comes courtesy of PopUp Providence, an urban place-making program that introduces interactive, artistic, and cultural displays throughout the city’s neighborhoods.

From the ProJo,

“It’s a process of heating and reheating,” said Tim Ferland, the art production manager for the Steel Yard, a nonprofit organization that collaborates with local artists to produce metal sculptures.

As part of Saturday’s demonstration, Tomlin and Mahoney made nails, which they gave out to spectators. They also made a hammer and several other tools. They created a pizza slicer.

The demo trailer will operate at different locations through October 31. Next up is the Saturday Farmers’ Market at Lippitt Park.

Free, 10am to noon, Saturday, August 15, Lippitt Park, Hope Street at Blackstone Blvd. (directions)

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