Week In Music

Monday@Aurora, Ariadne, Syzygy, Bed Death, S Hollis Mickey

Tuesday@Lupo’s, Beach House, Romantic States @Fête, Koffin Kats, OC45, Senior Discount @AS220, Boot Leg Soul, John Paul Colasante, Not for Coltrane @Psychic Readings, Single Lash, Future Museums, Pixels, Twenty Four Hours

Wednesday@the Met, Shark Rock, Chase, Nobody’s Coming to Dinner, Ben Mueller and the Low Ceilings @AS220, Jeff Lavender, Rich Ferri, Travis Alexander, Ava Callery @Lupo’s, Earl Sweatshirt, Remy Banks, Spocka, Pan Piffin

Thursday@AS220, Seven Hats Parade, Debcaster, Hwuevo, Feng Shui Police @Firehouse 13, Deathwish, From Ashes Reborn, Western Massacre, Leukorrhea, Goblet

(Photo of Seven Hats Parade)

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