AS220 Open House

(9.12) AS220 are inviting the whole community to come in and check out what’s going on at AS220. Lots of stuff happening, including real live artists and musicians in their natural habitat.

AS220 Resident Open Studios (2:30pm to 6pm):
A rare opportunity – AS220 residents living at Empire Street, the Mercantile Block, and the Dreyfus open their doors to you! Come meet the awesome artists who live here – some will have their work out on display, some might have demos, some will just be CHILLING OUT.

AS220 Industries Open House (5pm to 7pm):
Get an in-person, and perhaps hands-on, introduction to the AS220 Industries. Industries staff and members welcome you to investigate the spaces that house the AS220 Community Printshop, AS220 Media Arts, and the AS220 Labs. Check out all of the equipment and resources, find out about workshops, and maybe even become a member. Stick around for a lecture by TV-B-Gone inventor MitchAltman!

AS220 September Gallery Openings (5pm to 7pm): New Photography by Tim Hiebert/New Paintings by John Hunter Housley/New Work by Karen Rand Anderson/New work by Ryan Dean/Daniel Crenca

Starts 2:30pm, Saturday, September 12, AS220, downtown

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