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(9.12) This week’s WaterFire is sponsored by the people who brought you retainers, headgear, and palate expanders — yes, say aaaah to your friendly neighborhood orthodontists.  And “thank you,” because as humiliating as those adolescent tortures felt at the time, thank god my parents got my teeth fixed.

This week is a Clear Currents Community paddling Event.

Starting at sunset, volunteer canoeists and kayakers with illuminated Japanese koi fish mounted to their vessels will paddle up and down the river in schools beautifully complimenting the burning braziers. WaterFire Providence is excited to have so many different community members joining us as part of this effort to bring awareness to the health and cleanliness of one of WaterFire and Providence’s greatest resources: Water!

Here’s the music program for Saturday night — rather more nuanced and understated than the intro to last night’s Patriots’ game. “Carmina Burana”? Really? Was “Ride of the Valkyries” taken, or just too girly?

Ignition 7:22pm until 12:30am, Saturday, September 12, WaterFire

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