‘David Lamb’ By Reason

The new exhibit above the tables at Julian’s on Broadway features images of Christopher Walken, Larry David, Robin Williams, and . . . David Lamb. Startled at first, I soon found that Dave’s exuberant, beardy visage made me happy and not sad at all. (Results may vary.) When David Lamb — one half of Brown Bird with his wife MorganEve Swain — died last year he left a gaping hole in the heart of the local music scene. The size and impact of this piece do justice to the scope of the loss. I sort of wish the work would stay right where it is, but I understand if family and friends have other plans.

I’m not even sure whether this piece is for sale or not.* Julian’s manager Brian Oakley informed us that the artist — known as Reason — had not yet left the price list. But Mr. Reason does have screen prints and some very cool skateboard decks for sale. Because . . . “Lets be honest, everything looks better on a skateboard.”

Go to Art by Reason.

*The David Lamb piece is $800.

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