Local Man Wins Emmy

Rhode Island resident, and Trinity alum, Richard Jenkins has won the Emmy for his performance in “Olive Kitteridge” (some moments, but kind of a slog, so naturally it’s running the table). Explaining why he lives in where he lives to Rhode Island Monthly last year.

We figured we’d be in Rhode Island a year. And then Trinity offered me a job as a company fellow. So we stayed, loved the company, loved working here, loved the people. I was with them for fourteen years. And by then we had kids here, and Sharon was teaching at an arts magnet school. So we’ve stayed.

. . .We were on the East Side for twenty years, near Wayland Avenue. Then we decided to buy a house, and everything we could afford in our neighborhood needed a ton of work, so we thought we’d build our own. A friend said, “How about Cumberland?” I replied that I didn’t even know where it was.

Not an uncommon story. Jenkins has been in a ton of stuff having worked with the Brothers Farrelly, the Brothers Coen, and recently Joss Whedon in “The Cabin in the Woods.” He’s great in everything — you should put him in your movie!

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