Jobs Doc At Avon

(10.22) No, this is not that Steve Jobs movie. (Nor for that matter is “Coming Home” that “Coming Home.”) “Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine” is the latest documentary from Alex Gibney, director of “Going Clear” the fascinating Scientology exposé that ran on HBO. From the NYT review,

Mr. Gibney’s film is a chunky mix, with a-little-too-proudly-rolled-out pop songs (even though they partly serve to echo Mr. Jobs’s self-regard). But even if this isn’t the iPhone of documentaries, it gets its point across, and unlike Mr. Gibney’s Scientology exposé “Going Clear,” this movie has a harder target (albeit with its own devoted following). He also brings out the uncanny details that help rediscover the strangeness of widespread cultural changes. When Mr. Jobs is reported to seethe at the news that he has fathered a child by his girlfriend, Mr. Gibney segues into the unveiling of Mr. Jobs’s apparently preferred offspring — a new Mac — suggesting some god-player figure out of science fiction.

No reason you can’t see two Jobs movies . . . not sure which one first. (I’m a little curious about the R rating.) Running time 2 hours, 8 minutes.

Through Thursday, October 22, Avon Cinema, 260 Thayer Street, Rated R for language (!?)

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