‘Terrifying Stories’ At AS220

(10.29) Head down to AS220 for ‘A Night of Terrifying Stories V,’ the Providence Comics Consortium fifth birthday party, with host Walker Mettling.

Walker hosts another Night of Terrifying Stories! This year it’s a mash up with the Providence Comics Consortium ‘s 5th Anniversary! With Weird Prizes, Videos, Slime, Monsters, And New Stories by Kid & Adult Writers/Artists including: Laura Lamb Brown-Lavoie, Ivy Linardos, Jim Frain, Caitlin Cali, Gina Vestuti, Faye Thompson, Dailen Williams, Keegan Bonds-Harmon and MORE! Plus surprises by Randy Bush, Jeremy Ferris, Muffy Brandt, Nathan William Murrell, & Ricky Katowicz!!!

It’s a $3-$10 sliding scale benefit to offset the fines levied against the ‘LONELY’ graffiti artist. “Keep Providence Lonely!”

7pm to 9pm, Thursday, October 29, AS220, 115 Empire Street

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