Proustfest At Athenaeum

(11.13) Well you just can’t have too much Proust. Two salons this week at the Providence Athenaeum will help illuminate that thing that happened . . . and that other thing . . . nobody here has read Proust.

Thursday, November 12 — Part 1: Medicine is Not an Exact Science: Evidence, Grief, and Style in Proust

Proust’s interest in and irony about medicine is a well-documented aspect of Proust’s “In Search of Lost Time.” Writer Lisa Cohen, the author of the highly acclaimed 2012 group biography “All We Know: Three Lives,” will explore some of the relationships among biographical research, medicine, and the workings of grief in Proust and in her own work. What does Proust tell us about the temporalities of illness, of reading, and of error? And what does his interest in these questions have to do with genre, particularly the relation between fact and fiction?

Friday, November 13 — Part 2: Proust and the Limits of the Will

‘Involuntary memory’ is the most well-known theme of all in Proust’s “In Search of Lost Time.” In this talk, Harvard University Professor of Philosophy Richard Moran, who has written on and taught Proust for many years, teases out what the importance of its being ‘involuntary’ could be in the context of the novel.

5pm to 7pm, Thursday & Friday, November 12 & 13, 251 Benefit Street, (directions)

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