Brown Faculty Show At Bell Gallery

So what have we here? It’s hard to make sense of this image and I took the picture. “Platform (partial section)” by Eddie Villanueva, adjunct lecturer in the Department of Visual Arts, is probably the most compelling piece in the 2015 Faculty Exhibition at the Bell Gallery. (Below is a side view if that helps.) We are told that “Platform”

. . . translates a historic aerial photograph of the Beatles into a wall-mounted sculpture.

So here’s the rig rundown: You’ve got your wall kick, a wall tom, one wall hi-hat . . .

As it happens, Ringo will be auctioning off one of his iconic drum kits (among other interesting items) in December should you have a few hundreds of thousands of dollars to spare. (RS 11.13.15)

Through December 21, Bell Gallery, List Art Center, 64 College Street, (directions)

Platform side view


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