‘Trumbo’ Starts At Cable Car

I just like saying “Trumbo” . . . Dalton Trumbo is a name that just had to go to Hollywood. Ironically, for several years, Trumbo was forced to use a pseudonym due to the Hollywood blacklisting; still, he won two Academy awards during that time. Trumbo had defied the anti-communist HUAC committee witch hunters who actually held hearings in Los Angeles as well as Washington. Apparently Trumbo was quite a character and certainly one of the great screenwriters of all time. If you have ever uttered the words “No, I’m Spartacus!” then you have pulled a Trumbo. (Trumbo also earned the National Book Award for his devastating anti-war novel Johnny Got His Gun.)

While the movie has received mixed reviews this is certainly a good time in our country’s history to remember the damage that grandstanding congressional demagogues can wreak by exploiting the xenophobic fears of a cringing citizenry. From the NYT review,

. . .it opens in 1947 in Los Angeles, where, in between shouts of “Action!” and “Cut!” and the usual wheeling and dealing, Hollywood is coming under siege. That was the year that the House Un-American Activities Committee held hearings in both Los Angeles and Washington to look into Communist doings. Witnesses were summoned, including the famed Hollywood 10 — Trumbo among them — who refused to testify, were deemed “unfriendly,” cited for contempt of Congress, fined, sentenced and jailed.

The casting of Bryan Cranston is genius. Great supporting cast as well with Louis C.K. and Helen Mirren. Rated R. Running time 2 hours, 4 minutes.

Starts 7pm, Tuesday, November 24, Cable Car Cinema, 204 South Main Street

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