Black Friday Record Store Day

(11.27) We would normally discourage participating in the mindless consumerism that has come to characterize the Black Friday scene, but let’s make an exception for small businesses like record stores (as long as it isn’t mindless, and no shoving or hair-pulling). The National Record Store Day organization added this date to the main event held in April a few years back. Individual stores order what they hope to get from the master list, but it’s always a bit of a surprise when the boxes are finally opened.

This year’s Special Releases run the gamut from Bowie to Buzzcocks, Coheed & Cambria to Ben Harper. There’s Jesus and Mary Chain and Judas Priest. There’s a 7″ Link Wray and a 12″ Bohemian Rhapsody! And of course Elvis.

Andrew W. K. had this to say about record stores.

I grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, which had no shortage of amazing record stores. The hours I spent wandering about one in particular -Encore Records – was all time well spent. Speaking with clerks and customers, being introduced to music I never knew existed, and sometimes just looking at record covers – I enjoyed every aspect of the record store ‘shopping’ experience.

The RSD website has quotes from musicians and music fans.

What Cheer Records & Vintage (seen here) always celebrates RSD with a party . . . sponsored by Narragansett beer . . . live performances scattered throughout the day . . . maybe just a little hair-pulling . . . it’s a scene.

Other great record stores around Providence include Olympic and Round Again on Wickenden Street, and Armageddon and Analog on Broadway.

What Cheer RSD party, 10am to 8pm, Friday, November 27, 180 Angell at Thayer Street

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