Put Some Raptors Under The Tree

For the bird & building lover on your list — check out these new images from urban wildlife photographer Peter Green (Providence Raptors).

The Providence Raptors Landmark Collection features the city’s most identifiable landmarks with the raptors that frequent them. Peregrine Falcons have nested on the downtown art-deco skyscraper since the late 90s but were spotted there since the 50s. Red-Tailed Hawks like to perch up high on The Independent Man for a great view from atop the Rhode Island State House. American Kestrels are natural rodent control and visit the industrial shoreline looking for mice and other critters to consume. Ospreys are the bird world’s champion anglers and can be spotted all summer grabbing fish from the Seekonk River.

Mr. Green sent a set of coasters in to Dose headquarters, and we like them a lot, but nobody can bear to actually put a drink down on them (to the extent that anyone here ever puts a drink down). The caption on the back of each coaster includes the identity of the landmark and the name of the bird, including genus and species! (Let’s hear it for binomial nomenclature said the former science teacher.) Metallic prints, mounted or unframed, are also available.

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