Feel-Good Story Of The Year

A wondrous exchange has been taking place between the children at Hasbro Children’s Hospital and the grown-ups at the Hot Club, every night at 8:30pm. A Facebook post has been making the rounds and I’m going to go ahead and gank the text and ask permission later. The story has the indicia of reliability required by our editors’ exacting journalistic standards . . . in that I really, really want this to be true. (A message has been left on the Hot Club voice mail.) So thank you Mike Lowrey from Facebook whoever you are. Here is what he relates.

We have been dying to share this with everyone…The Hot Club was asked a few weeks ago to do something fun with the Children at Hasbro Children’s Hospital. See, the children can see the big Hot Club sign from their rooms in the hospital when they look out of their windows. We were asked to flash the Hot Club sign on Wednesdays at 8:30pm for one minute in 4 flash intervals which stood for “Good Night Has…. Bro”. The kids if able were going to flash back as well. Well, little did I know that the team at the HC asked if they could do it everynight not just Wednesdays. I was 100% on but wanted to make sure we would NEVER forget. Seriously this is one of the most incredible things I have been part of. It costs not one penny….just an alarm set at 8:25pm as a reminder. The cheering going on at the HC and the hospital is amazing and it is as if we are speaking to another planet in Morse code. They know we are thinking of them and that feeling is the best! So if you ever want to partake be at the Hot Club at any given night at 8:30pm and bring a flashlight if you choose and say “Good Night Has Bro” to the kids at Hasbro….

One way to find out if this is all true? Head down to the Hot Club any night at 8:30pm with your flashlight.

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