Why Can’t We Fire This Guy?

Robert Kando, the $143,131 executive director of the Board of Elections, must have compromising photographs of everybody — how else to explain this man’s continued survival. Due to be terminated today, the executive director was instead given a reprieve and ordered to take . . . management classes! Kando has been the executive director for ten years, if he hasn’t got management figured out by now, it’s not going to happen.

Kando’s illustrious employment history with the state goes as far back as 1987 when he was fired as deputy clerk of the District Court, a decision upheld by the Supreme Court who cited him for “flagrant insubordination and other alleged failings.

But somehow, by 2005 he was the executive director at the Board of Elections where his unique skill set has been creating chaos and strife ever since. The 1.11.16 ProJo article describes the non-stop turmoil of the last year; Nothing constructive could possibly be happening over there.

We first wrote about Kando three years ago when he was caught trying to pull a fast one by unilaterally introducing legislation that would ban recounts of mail-in ballots (that most beloved instrument of true election fraud and the Republican party). According to the 3.11.13 Providence Journal,

[Board member, and former Secretary of State, Susan] Farmer said some board members are concerned about the legislative package Kando submitted to state lawmakers ostensibly on their behalf — before giving them or their legal counsel a chance to view the bills.

At that time, the Providence Journal suggested that Kando’s days were probably numbered. And they were. It just turned out to be a really big number. Finally, Kando was due to be terminated today! We almost had him! And yet,

The board voted 5 to 0 with one abstention Monday to nullify the pending termination, issue the temporary suspension beginning Feb. 1 and require Kando to enroll in three semesters of management classes at an educational facility of his choice. At the conclusion of three semesters, the board will review Kando’s performance and his relationship with the board. Kando will not be allowed to take vacation time during his suspension.

It is unclear who will be paying for the classes and whether the University of Phoenix would qualify.

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